Highlights from Iowa’s press conference following loss to Penn State

Iowa dropped its second game in a row on Saturday, and the Hawkeyes had a to to say about it.


Katie Goodale

Iowa QB Nate Stanley throws a pass during the Iowa football vs. Penn State game in Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. The Nittany Lions defeated the Hawkeyes 17-12.

Pete Ruden and Robert Read

Iowa suffered its second loss in a row at the hands of Penn State on Saturday, 17-12.

The Hawkeye defense posted a solid outing, but the Hawkeye offense couldn’t get rolling until late. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and his players had a lot to say following the loss.

Defensive end Chauncey Golston on staying positive

“There’s all positive talk. There’s no negative. You don’t ever speak negative in times that aren’t going well because if you’re speaking negative, you’re your own worst enemy.”

Safety Geno Stone on not blaming others

“That’s one thing we want to stay away from. If you start blaming people, that’s when the team starts to fall apart, and we don’t want to fall apart. We move as one. This is a team sport. We just got to move forward as a team.”

Head coach Kirk Ferentz on leaders stepping up

“I haven’t seen anything about this team that would lead me to think they’re not going to show up and play or show up and practice on Monday. We don’t want to assume anything either. This is tough. This is a tough loss, two in a row. Getting up on your feet, it’s easy to talk about, but it’s tough to do. When you’re older guys are leading the way, which I expect they will, just like they did last week, we’ll have a chance to move forward.”

Golston on giving up 17 points

“Going into the game, we don’t really care about other people. You can put up a million points on another team — we want you to put up zero. Seventeen points is more than zero, so that’s unacceptable.”

Wide receiver Nico Ragaini on why the offense hasn’t been able to finish drives with touchdowns

“To be honest, I really don’t know. Hopefully we can figure that out as a team and go forward into next week.”

Offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs on offensive mistakes

“We always preach being detail-oriented, and when you don’t have those details, things can fall apart. We have to get back to our way of doing things.”

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