On the Line: Week 7

The Daily Iowan staff gives its picks for Week 7 of the college football season.


Wyatt Dlouhy

Iowa players prepare to leave the field following a football game between Iowa and Michigan at the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Saturday, October 5, 2019. The Wolverines defeated the Hawkeyes 10-3.

No. 17 Iowa vs. No. 10 Penn State

Pete Ruden, Pregame Editor (14-11): Iowa — I had a dream that the media could talk to true freshmen. It was wild.

Anna Kayser, Sports Editor (13-12): Iowa — Night game, alternate uniforms, ANF stripes, flyover. Yeah, chalk it up.

Robert Read, Assistant Sports Editor (13-12): Iowa — Night game, alternate uniforms, ANF game. This is the perfect storm for an Iowa win, right? Right?

Pete Mills, Football Reporter (13-12): Iowa — Nate Stanley’s goatee is back, and it doesn’t want to hear your logic about how Penn State is better.

Lucy Rohden, DITV Director (16-9): Iowa — Nittany is not a breed of lion.

Jon Rawson, Assistant DITV Sports Director (15-10): Iowa — Trace McSorley was in college longer than you cousin who changed their major three times.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (15-10): Iowa — Headline: Stanley sacked only seven times in win.

No. 7 Florida vs. No. 5 LSU

Ruden: Florida — Tim Tebow should still be in the NFL. (This is my same exact pick and comment from last week.)

Kayser: LSU — fLLLLLLLorida.

Read: LSU — The rest of college football should be scared that LSU has a good quarterback.

Mills: LSU — If I don’t see Ed Orgeron grumbling in a postgame interview after a win, I’ll riot.

Rohden: LSU — Ed Orgeron was in the Blind Side. Automatic dub.

Rawson: LSU  — I wish I looked like Joe Burrow.

Brummond: LSU — Mike the Tiger is America’s favorite mascot.

No. 11 Texas vs. No. 6 Oklahoma

Ruden: Oklahoma — Jalen’s going to bring the Hurts.

Kayser: Oklahoma — What exactly does “Boomer Sooner” mean?

Read: Oklahoma — Horns down.

Mills: Texas — When do I get to change my Twitter bio to “Texas is back?”

Rohden: Oklahoma — If you combined their sayings, it would be “Boomer Horns.” I think that funny.

Rawson: Oklahoma — Try saying “Red River Rivalry” 10 times fast. Now you look dumb to people around you.

Brummond: Oklahoma — Oklahoma team + Alabama QB = unfair.

No. 20 Virginia vs. Miami

Ruden: Virginia — “Country roooaaads, take me hoooome, to the plaaace I beloooong. Regular Virginia.

Kayser: Virginia — Whenever I think about Virginia, I think about the 2019 NCAA 125-pound title match. Is it wrestling szn yet?

Read: Virginia — The U will not be getting a W.

Mills: Virginia — Bronco Mendenhall is my nominee for coolest name in college football.

Rohden: Virginia — When did Virginia get good at football?

Rawson: Virginia — And for this week’s honorary “I don’t care” game.

Brummond: Virginia — Who wants to lose to Clemson?

Nebraska vs. Minnesota

Ruden: Minnesota — A battle between two Midwest states that aren’t as good as Iowa.

Kayser: Minnesota — Even Scott Frost can’t freeze the river that Minnesota’s boat is rowin’ on right now.

Read: Nebraska — Is there any way this game can end in a tie?

Mills: Minnesota — Row the UNDEFEATED boat.

Rohden: Nebraska — P.J., please forgive me.

Rawson: Minnesota — I will never pick Nebraska, mainly because it’s trash like Robert and Mills.

Brummond: Minnesota — A third loss will damper Nebraska’s national title hopes.

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