Around the Big Ten: Week 6

“It’s sink or swim time, boys.”


Shivansh Ahuja

Mascots participate in the Hawkeye Wave during a football game between Iowa and Rutgers at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, September 7, 2019. The Hawkeyes defeated the Scarlet Knights, 30-0. (Shivansh Ahuja/The Daily Iowan)

Anna Kayser, Sports Editor

Power Rankings

1. Ohio State

Wow, this is new.

2. Wisconsin

If you would have told me that this is where the state of the Big Ten would be Week 5, I would have laughed. Now I’m crying.

3. Iowa

More than 600 yards of offense in one game? That’s football.

4. Penn State

Penn State beat Maryland 59-0. Michigan beat Rutgers 52-0. See rankings 11-14 to find out what this means.

5. Michigan

Hey Jim Harbaugh, how do you spell overrated?

6. Northwestern

Scoring more AND giving up less points than Michigan against Wisconsin? Yeah, that’ll bump you up in the rankings.

7. Michigan State

You may have allowed 31 points against Indiana, but like, the rest of the Big Ten isn’t good.

8. Minnesota

…Is Minnesota a dark horse to win the Big Ten West?

9. Nebraska

Scott Frost, you’re an idiot.

10. Indiana

Good job for putting up 31 points this weekend, I guess?

11. Maryland

Remember when we thought the turtles were good? Funny.

12. Purdue

I legitimately forgot Purdue existed. That’s what happens when you lose to MINNESOTA.

13. Illinois


14. Rutgers

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye, Chris Ash.

Big Ten Matchups

No. 14 Iowa vs. No. 19 Michigan
11 a.m. | FOX

Stay tuned for an Oliver Martin snap counter by literally every media outlet covering this game. If he’s going to have a breakout game (or even, I don’t know, see more than 3 snaps), this is the time for it to happen.

Purdue vs. No. 12 Penn State
11 a.m. | ESPN

I don’t know what a Nittany Lion is, but I know that it will tear that Boilermaker to complete shreds. Happy Valley is a dangerous place.

Kent State vs. No. 8 Wisconsin
11 a.m. | ESPNU

Okay, Big Ten, these random and pointless nonconference games in the midst of a battle for the Big Ten West are getting ridiculous.

Maryland vs. Rutgers
11 a.m. | BTN

Neither of these teams scored a single point in Week 5, and Rutgers just fired its head coach and offensive coordinator. Maryland is Maryland. These teams have more in common than people think.

Illinois vs. Minnesota
2:30 p.m. | BTN

Minnesota has the easiest schedule in the history of schedules. Is it too much to ask to have it play someone that would sink P.J. Fleck’s boat?

Northwestern vs. Nebraska
3 p.m. | FOX

This might be a good game? But who knows? Scott Frost is pretty unpredictable these days.

Michigan State vs. No. 4 Ohio State
6:30 p.m. | ABC

The primetime slot on ABC is like a girl who keeps rebounding back to her low-life ex-boyfriend because he’s good at sports.


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