Eric Swalwell drops out of 2020 race for the Democratic nomination

California Rep. Eric Swalwell ended his presidential campaign for the Democratic nomination on July 8, leaving 23 Democrats left in the crowded field.


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2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell speaks at Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Cedar Rapids on Sunday, June 9, 2019. 19 democrats spoke at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame.

Julia Shanahan, Politics Editor

California Rep. Eric Swalwell ended his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination on July 8, after polling under 1 percent in numerous national polls throughout his campaign.

“I entered this race determined to elevate the issue of gun violence, and at the debate, three top-tier candidates embraced my idea to ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America,” Swalwell said in a statement on his campaign’s website. “After the first Democratic presidential debate, our polling and fundraising numbers weren’t what we had hoped for, and I no longer see a path forward to the nomination.”

Swalwell is the second Democrat to drop out of the crowded field, leaving 23 nomination candidates left.

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Swalwell touted gun control as a key issue throughout his campaign, rolling out an eight-part plan in June to end gun violence. The plan included a nationwide buyback and a ban on sales of assault weapons.

Swalwell said in the statement that he will focus on his role in the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.

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