Democrat Theresa Greenfield enters 2020 U.S. Senate race

Democrat Theresa Greenfield will challenge for the right to run against Republican incumbent Sen. Joni Ernst in 2020.

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Julia Shanahan, Politics Reporter

Democrat Theresa Greenfield announced on June 3 that she will run against Republican incumbent Sen. Joni Ernst in 2020.

In a video on Twitter, Greenfield pledged her “farm-kid values” and talked about growing up on a farm as a young woman. She also said money from Social Security “saved” her family after her first husband died suddenly while working as an electrician.

“When I see Mitch McConnell, Joni Ernst, and the folks in Washington talking about cutting Medicare and Social Security to help pay for tax breaks for billionaires, I say no way,” Greenfield said in the video. “In Iowa, whether you live in a small town or big city, we’re all getting the short end of that stick.”

Democrats Kimberly Graham, an attorney from Indianola, and business owner Eddie Mauro had previously filed to run against Ernst in 2020.

Greenfield campaigned for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District seat in 2018 during the primary but did not make it onto the Democratic ballot.

Greenfield is the president of Des Moines Real Estate Management Colby Interests and owns a marketing and communications business with her husband.


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