Nicholas Baer

Anna Kayser, Assistant Sports Editor

For the past two years, Nicholas Baer has been known as Iowa’s sixth man, a weapon off the bench.

Let’s start out with this: He walked on, and while his career is coming to an end with his name not in the starting lineup, he knows what his role is, and that’s arguably the best type of player.

In his senior year and only five games into the season, this hasn’t changed. So far, he has played in all five games for a total of 83 minutes and has 24 points, which sits behind six players on the team.

However, his role is to get on the court to make plays that give his teammates the ball, something that he’s done effectively in his entire career.

He has 27 rebounds and averages 5.4 per game. Look back up two paragraphs: He has played in fewer minutes than six players.

Without Baer, you don’t get those rebounds that put the ball in your playmakers’ hands. He’s a critical member of the Hawkeyes and the success that they’ve enjoyed.

He plays for the team, and he can contribute night in and night out. In any sport, that’s most important.

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