U.S. Attorney General and UI alum Whitaker to visit Des Moines Wednesday

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U.S. Attorney General and UI alum Whitaker to visit Des Moines Wednesday

Sarah Watson, Politics Editor

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Matthew Whitaker, a University of Iowa graduate and recently-appointed acting attorney general, will appear at at the Rural and Tribal Elder Justice Summit in Des Moines on Wednesday.

He will speak at 9:15 a.m. at the downtown Marriott hotel, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday in a press release.

Whitaker received national attention when he replaced Jeff Sessions last week, in the interim. His appointment followed President Donald Trump forcing Sessions’ resignation from the position.

In his new role, Whitaker will oversee special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation instead of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Whitaker has voiced his criticism of the investigation in the past, including writing an opinion column for CNN titled “Muller’s investigation of Trump is going too far.”

His previous statements on the investigation raise concerns among Democrats that he will enforce his position in the Department of Justice fairly, and some have called for him to recuse himself from the investigation. He has also been questioned about the legality of his appointment, as he did not require a Senate confirmation for his previous job as chief of staff to Sessions.



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