College football Week 1: A Big Ten Roast

Week two of college football is here and after last week’s opening games, let’s take a look at where the Big Ten teams stand.


The Daily Iowan; Photos by Josep

Iowa linebacker Ben Niemann trips up Ohio State running back Mike Weber during the Iowa/Ohio State football game in Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017. The Hawkeyes defeated the Buckeyes in a storming fashion, 55-24. (Joseph Cress/The Daily Iowan)

Anna Kayser, Assistant Sports Editor

Power Rankings

1) Ohio State (1-0):
77 points, 42 in the first half. Come on.

2) Wisconsin (1-0): 
I’m going to say this every week leading up to its appearance at Kinnick. Wisconsin is good.

3) Michigan (0-1):
Michigan may have lost, but it still deserves to be up near the top of the list.

4) Minnesota (1-0):
Minnesota’s quarterback is good. That’s all I’ve got for this one.

5) Penn State (1-0):

“Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.” — Nick Miller from New Girl and Penn State after almost losing to an unranked team.

6) Iowa (1-0):
The first half was a little rough, but the offense really showed some potential in the second half. I’m not worried. Do I seem worried?

7) Maryland (1-0):
Maryland beat No. 23 Texas in Week 1. It deserves a spot in the single digits.

8) Northwestern (1-0):
What team? Wildcats.

9) Michigan State (1-0):
Michigan State beat unranked Utah State by only one touchdown, but at least it didn’t go into overtime.

10) Purdue (0-1):
Purdue put up a fight against Northwestern, so that’s something.

11) Nebraska (4-6):
Will Scott Frost ever actually coach in a game with the Cornhuskers? Updates to come.

12) Illinois (1-0):
Illinois won a game.

13) Indiana (1-0):
What exactly is Indiana’s purpose in the conference, anyway?

14) Rutgers (1-0):
Rutgers. Buddy. Pal. How does it feel down here?


Big Ten Schedule

Duke vs. Northwestern (-2.5)

11 p.m. | ESPNU

It’s no secret that Duke’s game is basketball, so Northwestern might have the edge. Wildcats looked sharp against Purdue.

Western Michigan vs. No. 21 Michigan (-28)

11 p.m. | FS1

Western Michigan isn’t on the same level as Notre Dame, but let’s just hang onto the fact that Michigan already has a loss.

Eastern Michigan vs. Purdue (-16.5)

11 p.m. | BTN

The Boilermakers should run over this one (ha, get it?) after putting up a strong fight against Northwestern.

No. 15 Michigan State (-6) vs. Arizona State

9:45 p.m. | ESPN

Michigan State sits at No. 11, so if it loses to unranked Arizona State, at least it doesn’t have any donors left to lose.

New Mexico vs. No. 5 Wisconsin (-34.5)

11:00 p.m. | BTN

Wisconsin is good, and it should win; if you’re surprised, then you really shouldn’t consider yourself a college-football fan. Let’s move on.

Rutgers vs. No. 4 Ohio State (-35)

2:30 p.m. | BTN

At least Rutgers won its Week 1 game, because Ohio State scored 77 points last week, and this one isn’t going to be pretty.

Iowa State vs. Iowa (-4)

4 p.m. | FOX

The way Iowa played in the first half during Week 1 makes me really nervous about this game. The Cyclones might be rusty, as this game is essentially their season-opener.

Colorado vs. Nebraska (-4)

2:30 p.m. | ABC

Like Iowa State, Nebraska’s Week 2 game is its début for the season. Scott Frost’s head is going to grow 17 sizes if he gets the ovation he got last week, and he never even got to win the game.

Western Illinois vs. Illinois (no line)

6:30 p.m. | BTN

Imagine being an Illinois fan. There’s a chance that Western Illinois could take the game, and even after this, it’s all downhill.

No. 13 Penn State (-9) vs. Pittsburgh

7 p.m. | ABC

Penn State fans better hope it plays better than it did against Appalachian State, or it’s going to be a long season.

Fresno State vs. Minnesota (-2.5)

6:30 p.m. | FS1

Baker Mayfield called up Minnesota’s starting quarterback before his début, and then he threw for 220 yards in a 48-10 Week 1 win. Zack Annexstad is good.

Maryland (-16) vs. Bowling Green

5 p.m. | ESPN+

Maryland upset No. 23 Texas last week with a relatively new head coach and in the midst of a scandal.  Bowling Green, good luck.

Virginia vs. Indiana (-6.5)

6:30 p.m. | BTN

Indiana is the vanilla ice cream of the Big Ten. No one pays attention to it or really cares at all for it, but you don’t exactly know why. I don’t expect this to be an exciting game.

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