UISG lease-gap program to give students housing in between leases

Student and UI officials work to ameliorate the lease-less, listless period in Iowa City summers.


Are you a struggling to find somewhere to live in Iowa City in between your apartment leases this summer?

The University of Iowa Student Government has joined with University Housing & Dining to create a lease-gap program to provide UI students alternative living spaces in between their leases.

Tanya Villhauer, the UI associate director for harm reduction and strategic initiatives at Student Life, said that in Iowa City, many of the apartment landlords need an opportunity to clean in between leases during a period in late July or in early August for residents ending their leases and moving elsewhere.

Villhauer said the issue concerns certain students who do not have family in the area, friends to stay with, or the financial resources to find temporary quarters.

UISG City Liaison Gustave Stewart said the program began developing in November after seeing that Iowa State University had implemented its first lease-gap program.

“It was something the students really enjoyed, and it’s a service that addresses a need that students have,” Stewart said.

The lease-gap housing will be located in Burge Residence Hall with such accommodations as air conditioning, access to ethernet and wireless internet, sinks, and linens for the residence-hall beds.

Students will not be able to bring any furniture larger than a standard chair and will need to explore different storage options for certain items. They can find these options on the Housing & Dining website or search for local storage units in the Iowa City area.

The Burge Marketplace will be open for student use. Meals can be purchased individually via credit card, U-bill charge, or through a Herky Booster pack consisting of 25 meals that will roll over into the academic year.

UI students are eligible to live in lease-gap housing for three to 10 days during July 20 to Aug. 4 with a fee of $35 per night. There is a three-day minimum.

The program has an initial capacity of 40 students for single-rooms; other options may become available if needed.

Virginia Ibrahim-Olin, Housing & Dining’s assistant director of contracts and assignments, said there are 31 students who have submitted applications for this year’s summer lease program. Students have the opportunity to apply until July 19 to be eligible.

This program only accepts applicants who are UI students currently registered for fall classes and are in good financial standing with the university.

Students also need to sign a legal agreement for lease-gap housing and abide by residence-hall policies concerning no pets, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

Housing & Dining staff will be on call for emergency response, but there will not be any resident assistants on duty.

Students interested in applying can visit the Housing & Dining website or click on the link herewww.liveon.uiowa.edu.

Students with additional questions can contact the Burge front desk or call 319-335-3000.

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