Letter to the Editor: Vote Mary Mosiman for state auditor


Current Auditor of State Mary Mosiman has the needed experience to protect Iowa taxpayers.

Over the last 40 years, the State Auditor’s Office has been led by a certified public accountant. For most Iowans, it makes sense that the person doing all the accounting and auditing work for the state would be an accountant with a strong auditing background. If the job of the state auditor is to be done with integrity and efficiency, we need that role to be filled by someone with experience for the job. That person is the current auditor, Mary Mosiman.

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I have had the privilege of knowing Mosiman since I was a student in high school, back when she was serving as the Story County auditor. Mosiman has dedicated her life to protecting taxpayers from government fraud and waste, and her hard work has benefited the lives of every Iowan. Since being elected state auditor, she has continued to modernize the office and maintain the office’s status as a certified public accounting firm. That status allows the Auditor’s Office to do its work independently without the need to contract expensive outside firms for the important work of auditing the state and protecting important government services for Iowa taxpayers.

The candidate running against Mosiman has been a lawyer for his entire career. He has no experience in accounting or auditing and does not have an educational background in accounting. It is quite clear that Mosiman’s opponent wants to use the Auditor’s Office as a steppingstone for higher political office, and it will only come at a detrimental cost to Iowans. The role of auditor transcends partisan politics, and that is something Mosiman understands and has reflected in her work. She has stood up to bad budgeting practices, whether by Republican or Democrat, and has been a watchdog for all Iowa taxpayers. That is why she stands by the motto of previous state auditors who were also CPAs: “In God We Trust … Everyone Else We Audit.”

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In the end, the choice is clear. Choose someone who has a passion for auditing and accounting. Choose someone with years of experience in the job. Choose someone educationally certified for the office. Choose an impartial watchdog for Iowa taxpayers. Elect Mary Mosiman for state auditor.

— Caleb Bell

UI student

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