McCaffery talks college basketball scandals

Amid various schools swamped in an FBI investigations, Fran McCaffery explains his perspective.


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Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery speaks during men's basketball media day in Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017. The Hawkeyes open up their season with an exhibition game against William Jewell College on Friday, Oct. 27. at 7 p.m. in Carver. (Joseph Cress/The Daily Iowan)

Adam Hensley, [email protected]

Louisville officially fired basketball head coach Rick Pitino on Monday amid an FBI investigation.

College basketball as a whole seems to have been on thin ice ever since the investigations involving various schools, with the issues stemming from the AAU level.

Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery said on Monday that he’s seen shady recruiting tactics before, not from teams he’s been a part of, but through his sons and other players Iowa has recruited in the past.

Self-policing is key for schools, the coach said.

“I’ve turned programs in, and I’ll continue to do that when I know that there’s stuff going on,” he said.

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McCaffery said the team steers clear from tainted recruits “every day” in order to avoid investigation and harm to Iowa’s reputation.

At all the schools he’s coached at, he said, the level of integrity has been extremely high.

“The day I was hired [at Notre Dame], Digger Phelps hired me, and I met with Dick Rosenthal, our athletics director,” McCaffery said. “Dick welcomed me, and put his hand out and shook my hand, and he said, we’ll do everything we can to help you the whole time we’re here, he said, just don’t ever cheat.”

While at North Carolina-Greensboro, McCaffery said, the chancellor told him if he didn’t graduate his players, the program would look in another direction for a coach.

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