Letter to the editor: Democrats — Time for Plan B?


The Daily Iowan; Photos by Josep

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, speaks during the annual Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, July 15, 2017. Sanders spoke as the keynote speaker for the event. (Joseph Cress/The Daily Iowan)

I was surprised by this opening paragraph on the front page of Tuesday’s DI because even though it might not “be enough” for Democrats to get elected to office, it should be apparent that getting elected is essential in order to implement any ideas the Democrats might have. But I’m sure that even Democrats know this. Obama once said, “elections have consequences.” They sure do.

I wish to remind the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund that at this point it is quite easy to determine that whatever the community organizers are doing to get elected, it isn’t working. It’s time to regroup.

As a conservative Republican, I have a suggestion: Rather than waste time in finding new ways to browbeat our president and his administration for doing what they were elected to do, the Democrats might consider — merely consider — 1. How to win back the confidence of the Iowa voter. 2. Formulate plans for Iowa that might work better than what is in place now. 3. If No. 1 doesn’t work, you can forget about implementing No. 2.

— Steve Hufferd, Iowa City

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