Power Hour boosts energy and morale


Herky the Hawk doing some crowdsurfing during Power Hour in the 23rd Dance Marathon at the Iowa Memorial Union on Saturday, Feb 4, 2017. (The Daily Iowan/James Year)

The 24-hour Big Event is winding down but energy and morale stays high thanks to the Dance Marathon annual tradition of Power Hour.

“We have been standing up to cancer together for 22 hours now which is a feat in itself. To begin this year’s event, we started with the Morale dance and now for one last time we will see it performed again,” said Executive Director Morgan Kennedy as she kicked off Power Hour.

The Morale Dance empowered the dancers to continue on for the final hours of Dance Marathon 23.

“This last performance of the Morale dance begins on of Dance Marathon’s most treasured traditions, our Power Hour,” Kennedy said. “Power Hour is our very last chance to show these Dance Marathon families that they truly do have an army behind them in their battle against cancer.”

For Dancer Katie Kinzler, the different elements of Power Hour empowered her.

“Power Hour is super empowering and even though I’m really tired, I’m ready to go on,” Kinzler said. “Starting off Power Hour with the Morale dance got me super excited and the glow sticks they threw out into the crowd added to it.”

Power Hour also has a big impact on the Dance Marathon families who get to see the final push in their honor.

“[Dance Marathon 23] has been a blast. This is our third year of participating and it’s as amazing as ever. It is a blessing to be a part of this family,” said Trisha Luten who is here for kiddo Ja’various Luten. “I can’t believe how hyper and energized they are at this hour. It is really amazing to witness.”

With only a few hours left, the dancers will power on and finish out Dance Marathon 23.

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