Dance Marathon 23 families make big entrance


Dance Marathon families are introduced in the first hour of the 23 Dance Marathon at the Iowa Memorial Union on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. (The Daily Iowan/Rachael Westergard)

Families at Dance Marathon lined up for their big entrance as excitement for the night built.

By Kit Fitzgerald

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A sea of green shirts stretched from the Main Lounge doors down the hall of the IMU.

As the 214 families who have been a part of Dance Marathon were getting ready to enter the venue just before 8 p.m.,, more han 2,300 dancers stood, cheering loudly.

The cheering is Sumner Codd’s favorite part about Dance Marathon.

“It’s seeing everyone and the cheering,” Sumner said. “I’m not sitting or sleeping, so it’ll be cool to see that [the dancers] are all doing the same thing.”

Sumner is the brother of Dashiell Codd, who passed away in June 2013 at the age of 5. Dance Marathon has honored Dashiell since, and his family have found a community.

“The main thing for us is we’re excited to see a lot of old friends, and we’re close with a lot of DM-ers,” said Brian Codd, Dashiell’s father. “It’s like a family reunion.”

Another Dance Marathon family, the Storebecks, also have a reason to be excited.

“Theodore is graduating this year,” said Sandy Storebeck, the mother of Theodore. “He’s five years in remission.”

The Storebeck’s favorite part of the event is knowing how much Dance Marathon supports children with cancer, realizing how important it is and being a part of the event and group.

Codd agrees about the importance of the event.

“[The Codd family] were able to donate enough money to sponsor 22 dancers,” he said. “Try to plant seeds and get them going, because a few of them will stick and begin inspiring other dancers.”

The Codd family want to bring enthusiasm into the event.

“Our whole idea is to take the enthusiasm that [Dance Marathon] has shown us and return it,” Codd said. “Give them enthusiasm for keeping going.”

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