IMU charges into better service

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IMU charges into better service

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IMU checkout stations allow students to rent phone chargers and umbrellas.

By Natalie Betz

[email protected]

Apple and Samsung phone chargers and umbrellas are now available for students to borrow in the IMU.

On Jan. 30, the University of Iowa Student Government started the program, which provides chargers and umbrellas for students to use for a 24-hour period.

The new checkout station will cost UISG $1,363 for the chargers, umbrellas, marketing, and equipment.

“We wanted to improve student life,” said UISG Sen. Lindsey Rayner, the head of the Student Committee. “It’s a direct response for better, effective, and fast results.”

UISG hopes to spread the news mostly by word of mouth, Rayner said.

Fees are applied if the charger or umbrella is late, lost, or stolen.

“There’s a $15 flat rate if the charger [or umbrella] is stolen or lost,” said UI senior John Glynn, an employee at the IMU front desk.

If items are returned with damage due to the item being worn down, there will be no replacement fee. However, if they are returned with damage clearly caused by malicious actions, the student will be fined for the full price of the charger or umbrella.

The IMU front desk employees will judge the situation on whether the charger was worn down, or purposefully damaged, Rayner said.

“It offers a better alternative to the charging stations because it’s mobile, so people are not worried about their phones being stolen,” Glynn said.

Some students like the idea of having the checkout station.

“I think it’s necessary because as students, we need to be focused on homework and not add additional stress by forgetting little things at home,” UI senior Daniel Stolley said. “The IMU is central on campus. Lots of students are always studying, and student orgs meet there as well.”  

Some students have conflicting thoughts about the checkout station.

“I probably won’t rent anything because I’m never in the IMU,” UI junior Cameisha Hurst said. “I think it’d be more convenient in the library, but it’s still helpful because people forget.”

The Main Library has MacBook and PC chargers available for rent for four hours, said Jennifer Masada, the UI Libraries strategic-communication manager.

The Lichtenberger Engineering Library has MacBook and PC laptop chargers as well as iPhone and Samsung laptop to cellphone adapters but no actual phone chargers.

“It makes campus more student friendly. When your phone is at 10 percent, and you’re waiting for a relative to call or have an important interview it can be very frustrating to forget your charger,” Glynn said.

In the future, UISG would eventually like to have popcorn machines available for student organizations to rent for free when hosting events, Rayner said. Officials might look into adding a checkout station for chargers and umbrellas in the Main Library as well.

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