Letter to Editor: Vote Yes on Measure C


Those who vote in Iowa City should note the proposed City Charter amendment on the back of the ballot: Public Measure C. Students should vote Yes on Measure C; University of Iowa students invest a considerable amount of volunteer work and money into the Iowa City economy during their time here, but the City Council often ignores student input. 

Measure C will make it easier for students to have their voice heard on local issues such as red-light camera surveillance or allowing Uber in Iowa City. You may never want to petition the city yourself, but students who follow you in future years may wish to do so.

Voter approval of Public Measure C will reduce the number of signatures required for an Initiative or Referendum petition in Iowa City from 3,600 to 10 percent of the number of people who voted in the last regular City election. Average voter turnout in Iowa City elections is 10,000, so Measure C would lower that petition requirement to around 1,000 signatures.

Two petition processes are available to Iowa City residents — one for City Charter amendments and one for City Code amendments (Initiatives and Referendums). Signature requirements for Charter amendments already follow Iowa Code 362.4 (10 percent of the number of voters in the previous election) and the signature requirements for Initiative and Referendum petitions should also follow Iowa Code 362.4.

— Nancy Miller, O.S.F.

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