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Heiden ready to serve

I support Pat Heiden for Johnson County supervisor.

I have known and worked with Pat for more than 20 years. Pat has the personality, the dedication to community service, and the broad experience to do this job well.

As executive director of Oaknoll Retirement Residence, Pat has demonstrated excellent management skills, strong fiscal responsibility, and insightful planning. She is a woman of integrity. She knows how to collaborate with others for effective change and has served on the boards of several community organizations over the years. Most importantly, she cares. She cares about people, about quality of life, and about Johnson County.

Pat does not avoid difficult issues or decisions. She works hard at gathering information. She listens well and is respectful of all points of view. She honestly expresses her own ideas. Pat works toward consensus, and if consensus is not possible, she makes the decision being certain to explain the rationale behind her action.

These are the very qualities that would make her an outstanding county supervisor. Although she has spent her adult life in Iowa City, she was raised on a dairy farm in western Iowa. She understands that Johnson County has many constituencies, and she would represent all of Johnson County.

Please join me in voting for Pat Heiden for Johnson County supervisor in the Democratic primary election on June 7.

Diane Ely

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