Megabus bids Iowa City goodbye


Megabus moves out of central Iowa City and into the Iowa River Landing.

By Austin Petroski
[email protected]

From the crowded streets of Iowa City to the gleaming new Coralville transportation facility, Megabus is joining the thousands of University of Iowa students moving into a new home this fall.

Many students who attend the UI depend upon bus services in order to return home for holidays and when classes are over.

The stop, previously located at 435 S. Linn St., will now be located at the Coralville Intermodal Facility, 906 Quarry Road. Megabus will pay $750 a month to Coralville to use the facility.

Sean Hughes, the director of Corporate Affairs at North American Coach — the company that owns Megabus — said the new location has advantages.

“We feel [this facility] gives much easier access for our customers,” Hughes said. “The state-of-the art Intermodal station offers different numerous forms of transportation to come together. It gives benefits to riders, gets them out of the elements, and gives them more amenities.”

UI parent and Omaha resident Cindy Jared, a Megabus rider, said she appreciated the new facility, but thought the location could be an inconvenience for students. She said she liked that the station offered shelter and bathrooms for those waiting.

“I feel bad for students who ride the Megabus. I ride a taxi to and from the stop,” she said. “I was going to ride the bus to get here. It’s much cheaper than a cab, but I would have to have taken a transfer from the area I was coming from.”

UI student Hannah Kousheh, who uses Megabus, said she didn’t mind the location of the new stop.

“I’m fine with it. It’s within moped distance,” she said. “It would be more convenient to have the bus stop in Iowa City, though.”

Hughes said the new facility would be an adjustment but ultimately benefit students who ride the Megabus.

“Well, the first person to ride the Megabus to the new facility was a university student,” he said. “It may take a bit of an adjustment, but eventually, they will understand the benefit of the move.”

Another common concern about the new location is parking for those who wish to leave their vehicles at the facility while they travel.

Vicky Robrock, the director of Coralville of Parking and Transportation, said long-term parking in the area would be available.

“There is a public parking ramp east of the Intermodal by the Marriot, which is approximately a half block from the Megabus stop that permits long-term parking,” she wrote in an email.

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