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Coralville woman accused of stealing an iPhone


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A Coralville woman was arrested after allegedly taking an iPhone from a restaurant counter and putting it in her friend’s purse.

Larissa Taylor, 52, was charged March 12, 2012, with third-degree theft.

Iowa City police officials responded to a report of a stolen iPhone. Police officials watched a surveillance video and reportedly determined Taylor took the iPhone. The owner of the phone was an employee at the restaurant and left her iPhone on the counter next to the cash register. Taylor allegedly saw the phone, took it, and put it in her friend’s purse, the complaint said.

Taylor then ordered food and left the establishment. The GPS tracking device in the phone tracked the phone across the street to Taylor’s workplace. When police officials asked Taylor why she took the phone, she stated that she was going to return the phone the following day, the police complaint said. An iPhone is worth more than $600.

Third-degree theft is an aggravated misdemeanor.