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Photos show charged man posing young relatives with guns


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An Iowa City man accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend with a handgun took photos of his young relatives with numerous firearms.

Francis Almeida, 1441 Laurel St., reportedly held a loaded handgun to the victim’s head on May 10. He allegedly touched the loaded barrel against her head, saying, "I’ll kill you," according to a police complaint. Almeida removed several live rounds from the firearm while threatening to kill her, the complaint said.

The victim provided several pictures of Almeida’s guns to an Iowa City police officer, showing a semiautomatic handgun, a shotgun, a long rifle, and an AK47 rifle. She also showed photos of Almeida’s nephew and 2- to 3-year-old niece holding the firearms.

One photo showed Almeida’s young nephew holding the AK47 rifle in his hands. Another showed his niece standing in front of two rifles with the pistol tucked in her diaper, according to the application.

Almeida has a video monitoring system on the exterior of his home, according to the application. He uses the system to monitor activity outside of his home.

— by Aly Brown