Point/Counterpoint: Should Brett Favre play for the Vikings in 2009?


Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about Brett Favre? I certainly am.

Two words to Favre: STAY RETIRED.

Why? Because I can’t get my daily fix of ESPN anymore. It refuses to stop beating this dead horse.

Aside from the NFL record in interceptions and sometimes questionable decision-making, Favre still was and is the greatest Packer of all time — at least as far as I’m concerned. Most wins, most consecutive starts, most touchdown passes, what NFL passing record doesn’t Favre own?

So what is it, Brett? I don’t understand.

Why do you want so badly to spite the franchise that made you into arguably the NFL’s greatest quarterback? Do you just want to get back at Green Bay GM Ted Thompson for shooing you out of the Packers organization to make way for Aaron Rodgers only after you retired?

When Green Bay snatched up the Cal product in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft, that meant he was going to be the heir to Favre’s throne. Favre even took him under his wing and showed the young gunslinger how to win games in the NFL.

I think it’s safe to say this decision isn’t about money either, because if it was, Favre probably would’ve taken the $20 million the Packers offered so he would stay retired. If Favre really wanted to play, then why did he retire in the first place? I think that means he doesn’t really want to play.

Going to the New York Jets and having an average year on a pretty good team proved that Favre didn’t really want to play.

But now to possibly sign with the Minnesota Vikings and don that hideous purple uniform? That absolutely disgusts me.

When it comes right down to it, the NFL is a business. And just like any other job, a person can’t say, “I quit,” then turn around a few weeks later and say, “I want my job back.” It just doesn’t work like that.

Get it together, Brett. You’re too good for the Vikings, anyway.

— by Zach Smith


The Brett Favre shuffle continues … but guess what? I will forever keep dancing for No. 4 (I’ll even don some Wranglers for the NFL’s touchdown king … I don’t do that for just anyone). But before everybody grabs the Hater-ade, I want this to be clear — Yes, I am a Green Bay Packer fan. My dog is even named Lambeau.

However, unlike some Cheeseheads, who abandoned the QB selected to the Pro Bowl an astonishing 10 times, is a three-time NFL MVP and a five-time NFC Player of the Year, and led Green Bay to a Super Bowl title, I will not. I hate having to remind Packer fans what Favre has done for the organization and that it was the GREEN BAY PACKERS who released the legend, not the other way around. So check the spite.

Favre has played for nearly 20 years, and by the looks of his last season with the New York Jets, the signal-caller still has ability. Although the Jets lost four of their last five games, with Favre throwing two touchdowns and nine interceptions, an MRI revealed that Favre had a torn tendon in his right shoulder. Let’s look at the NFL’s most proven formula for insight:

An injured throwing arm = inconsistent passing = a bad game.

Hmm … Favre’s injury was the cause of his inconsistent aim, which then equaled a crappy performance. I see.

So if Favre doesn’t need major surgery to repair his throwing arm and wants to play another season, even if it’s with the Minnesota Vikings, so be it. I don’t blame him for wanting the chance to play in the NFC North again. Favre is good for football.

I agree with Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty doted on the idea of Favre’s return, telling the Associated Press, “Can you imagine Brett Favre going into Lambeau Field in Viking purple and maybe even wearing No. 4? There would be audible gasps.”

Stop groaning. Enough. Let Favre do what Favre wants to do.

— by Amie Kiehn

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