Girl Talk to perform for 10,000 Hours show


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The 10,000 Hours Show of Eastern Iowa announced Monday that Girl Talk will be the performer featured at the annual 10,000 Hours concert in April.

“We wanted something fun, energetic, and different from what we’ve tried in the past,” said Andy Rausch, the organization’s spokesman.

Girl Talk is the stage name for Gregg Gillis, an American musician who specializes in mashup style remixes.

“He’s really good at mixing different parts of different songs. It’s really cool how he puts them together,” UI sophomore Caitlin Studley said. “I’m very exited that he’s coming here.”

Girl Talk has released four albums on the record label Illegal Art. He’s scheduled to tour across the United States through February, and then he will touring in Europe during most of March.

His MySpace asks fans to “pay what you want” to download his newest album, Feed the Animals.

In December 2008, the album was No. 4 on Time magazine’s list of Top-10 albums of 2008.

But Jim Fahtey said he is excited that Girl Talk is performing, especially because he hasn’t seen the act live.

“Girl Talk is innovative music — I enjoy it,” he said. “I would definitely go.”

This year’s performer is a departure from past concerts, which predominantly consisted of urban and eclectic bands, such as OK Go, Jack’s Mannequin, Cake, Guster, and Ben Folds, Rausch said.

“We wanted something different, and something students can relate to,” he said. “It’s something new and fresh.”

Students who register and volunteer 10 hours or more are eligible to attend the concert for free. Only volunteers are allowed to attend.

The 10,000 Hours Show has been an annual event since a group of UI undergraduates organized the first show in 2002.

This year’s concert will be April 13. A time hasn’t been announced yet.

“We’re just really hoping to pull in a great crowd,” Rausch said.

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